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What is the Ryanair Marketplace?

The Ryanair Marketplace provides access to our products and services, through a single, centralized portal; allowing partners and entrepreneurs to create new economies on top of Ryanair’s new and existing products and services.

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Real time metrics

Ryanair partners can track the long term storage of each API call, from each consumer

Seamless partner integration

The Ryanair Marketplace facilitates a simplified partner integration process. Once approved new partners will get extensive access to Ryanair API’s and data

Tailored access to information

The Ryanair Marketplace provides tailored access to our API collection. Detailed documentation on the API’s is provided to partners that simplifies the process of building applications

Centralized Gateway

The Ryanair Marketplace offers partners a central access point for Ryanair APIs, key data, and an area to store and manage their applications