Wrocław Hackathon

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 07:01

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine developers full of passion that apart from business needs can implement their own brilliant features. Imagine they spend 24 hours or more, barely sleeping to contribute their ideas trying to fit into company’s culture. Yes, that’s a Hackathon. Ryanair organised such event on April 21st, 2017 in Wrocław HQ of Travel Labs Poland.  

It collected ambitious computer scientists and engineers who were able to share innovative approach to improve already existing projects or introduce new ones. But it was not only about ideas. It’s about networking, growing Ryanair’s culture awareness, building trust among coders, being technologically challenged and what’s also important - making Ryanair stand out among other companies in Wrocław. 

From developers perspective first Hackathon in Wrocław HQ integrated teams very quickly. They had to be focused on changes almost every minute if they wanted to do a good Proof of Concept. All the teams were exceeding their knowledge to use the most advanced programming tools and share their experience with other contributors. The technological challenges just proved that a good skillset can quickly improve communication between developers so they can choose the best solution possible for their ideas. There were no barriers whether to use Angular, Java, .NET or plain Javascript. It was up to the teams to decide what they can bring to the table with limited time.

I can say the First Hackathon brought a lot of success for Ryanair not only from prizes point of view. Technological passion was spread among the contestants. Communication after the session allowed to know each other better. Moreover, business was really satisfied with the results. There are plans already to repeat the triumph of the first session as well as put the winners to the “hall of fame” so they can code their winning project.         


Some statistics:

April 21st

7 teams

8 great innovative projects

60 developers involved  

180 coffee drinks

Gallons of water

0 injuries

60 satisfied developers 

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