Wrocław Travel Labs Hackathon 12th & 13th May 2018

Fri, 06/08/2018 - 07:26

We recently hosted a public hackathon based in our Wroclaw office that offered the chance for digital entrepreneurs and innovators to spend a weekend building new products and services based on our publicly available API.

We had over 75 people attend with people travelling from within Poland and beyond to attend the event.  The quality of ideas and more importantly execution was superb, John Hurley CTO commented "The work the teams put in over the weekend was really impressive, watching the ideas grow from an idea on Saturday morning to a full blown prototype by Sunday afternoon was outstanding".

The following ideas were worked on over the weekend:

  • Ryandom – ‘Preference-based user interface that automatically suggests destinations that would suit a customer’s needs’
  • Weekenders - ‘It’s a weekend I’ll go anywhere….on the cheap #GetMeOuttaHere’
  • Above the Sky – ‘Target customers based on in video ads that automatically identifies the destination you are viewing’
  • Zimnioki – ‘Keep the kids entertained on board with the new Zimnioki game and earn discounts on inflight purchases’
  • Luggage Tracker – ‘Track your luggage during you flight for a low cost monthly fee’
  • Flying Fox - ‘Fly, Travel, Meet, Earn by reviewing your destination on social media’
  • Gauss – ‘Need to go stop over on your journey…use your lay over time to see the sights, take a tour or have a local meal
  • Garuda – ‘Scan a QR Code to allow you to watch a movie in-flight entertainment or purchase a product’
  • Easy Pick Up – ‘Use Google Maps to predict when you should leave to get to the airport on time’
  • Next trip – ‘Subscribe to a location that you’re interested in travelling to, the price you’re willing to pay and receive notification for price changes’
  • RICHI – ‘Disability friendly solution to booking your flights using chat bots’
  • Koseed – Dedicated interconnecting flight search interface
  • Cockpit Tour - A 90 seconds tour of the cockpit, mid-flight, for children up to the price of €15.00. # FRKids
  • Genuitek - Booking using your voice on a iPhone plus touch ID

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